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As one of the largest mobile phone networks in the UK, Vodafone seeked to transform their ability to talk to customers in the right place at the right time. This project required the implementation of new technical capabilities, new ways of working and a new operating model transforming Vodafone’s global operation across their entire network.

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The new operating model defined the organisational structure of the marketing teams. We restructured the team to adopt agile principles to encourage cross-collaboration rather than their current siloed structure. This resulted in more streamlined decision making.

Vodafone’s operating companies differ in size and culture and a one size fits all model was not feasible. We began working with four of their operating companies to build a target operating model collaboratively that could be rolled out to every other company, ensuring clear lines of communication allowing each company to share lessons learned and best practices. The final model included tailored elements applicable everywhere and frameworks that allowed markets to shape their own solutions within certain parameters, with options for the outsourcing of elements to shared service centres.

Our operating model has been instrumental in transforming Vodafone’s business. Customers are now able to receive an unprecedented variety of propositions and these are all able to be managed by the same number of staff. The bottom line includes a 7% boost in average revenue per user and reduced commission costs by one fifth.

To summarise, we were able to achieve:

7% Increase in average revenue per user

20% Saved in commission costs (through call centre NBAs etc.)

6x Greater number of propositions now live, serviced by the same number of staff

34% Higher ROI

5x Increase in response rate to offers using adaptive modelling

3x Greater value creation through NBAs using adaptive models