Sony Network Entertainment Europe sought our services to promote its online store on Google. During the initial meetings, Sony’s vision was for their online store to be viewed as a reputable way of purchasing digital content. Along with the granular campaigns built to cover games available on the store, we identified an opportunity to boost a key selection of AAA titles such as the cult phenomenon The Last of Us and one of the greatest superhero games to grace this generation, Batman: Arkham City. Our main objectives included raising brand awareness and boosting online presence in order to increase the number of leads visiting the online store.

The aim of the campaign was to capture an audience that was already engaging with digital content. We know that consumers in the gaming industry are more likely to view trailers, so it was decided that media ads would be an effective ad format to capture Sony's audience as they are a great option for direct response campaigns. We ran Search ads alongside Media ads and A to B tested the effectiveness between these two ad formats:

Media vs. Search Ads Campaign Comparison - The Last of Us

The Last of Us web banner


Our campaign achieved:

  • 20% increase in media ads search impression share
  • 94.34% for media ads
  • CTR 34 times higher for media ads
  • CPA 68% lower for media ads
  • 40% of customers made multiple purchases

 Media vs. Search Ads Keyword Comparison- Batman: Arkham City

batman arkham city banner

This campaign achieved:

  • 90% more clicks even with 29% fewer impressions
  • 170% higher CTR than in Search
  • 50% higher conversion rate than in Search
  • 23% lower CPA than in Search
  • 51% less cost than the Search campaign


To summarise, our impactful ads resulted in the following outcome:

40% Of customers made multiple purchases 

20% Increase in media ads search impression share

170% Higher CTR than in Search

50% Higher conversion rate than in Search

23% Lower CPA than in Search

34 CTR higher for media ads